Financial Aid

Oklahoma Children’s Theatre has financial aid available to children and families who may not have the financial means to otherwise attend. Financial Aid is available for all regular programming, however, available funds are limited. All applications for financial aid are reviewed by an independent board and acceptance depends upon board review and availability of funds. Only successful applicants will be contacted via the email and phone number supplied on this form. Successful applicants must pay a percentage of the total course tuition. Financial Aid applications do not guarantee space in classes or camps. Approved offers expire two weeks after initial confirmation, and applicants will have to reapply to be reconsidered.

For help please contact Nathan on (405) 606-7003 or email


Application Deadlines

For Summer Camps 2018 
Applications for Summer Camp will be accepted from March 1st, 2018. Funds will be dispersed over three rounds with unused funds rolling over to the following round.

Round 1 - Deadline Friday, March 16th
Round 2 - Deadline Friday, April 6th
Round 3 - Deadline Friday, April 20th

For All Other Programming
Applications generally open when enrollment opens. Applications close 14 days prior to the program commencing and will not be reviewed after this time.

Spring Break Camps 2018: Accepted from Jan 1, 2018
Young Company 2018: Accepted from Jan 1, 2018 (excluding Summer Productions)
Fall/Winter Break Camps 2018, Accepted from Aug 1, 2018