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Whether your child is an aspiring actor or just looking for a fun opportunity, we can't wait to welcome them to our After-school Classes. We offer diverse after-school classes and student productions that allow your child to develop new skills, problem solve, and make new friends in a safe and encouraging environment.
Our Acting classes features:
  • A staff of professional teaching artists, eager to share their knowledge .
  • Goal-oriented curriculums that focuses on skill development, and celebrates their success.
  • Welcoming environments, which promote friendship, self-esteem, and self-growth.
  • End-of-session recitals and live performances for family and friends to attend.

After-School Classes

Whether you are a seasoned pro or newly exploring your theatre interests, our After-School Classes are the perfect place to stretch your creative skills. Our Afterschool Classes run in two 6-week sessions and feature a range of different classes for students ages 3-16 years old.
*Homeschool Production and Comedy Club (previously Youth Improv Troupe) are each one 12-week session. 

Spring 2024

Storytime Jam!

Join us for this exciting class where kids will visit dinosaurs, dance with caterpillars, and save princesses, with each week being based on a different award-winning children’s book! Focusing on theatre based skills, kids will gain confidence and develop communication skills while learning how to use their voices, bodies, and imaginations. They will use these skills to become characters, act out stories, and reimagine tales through movement, music, and acting!  At the end of the session, kids will act out one of the children’s books in a final showcase for friends and family. This is an amazing introductory class to tap into a kid's creative side. 

Age: 3-4 year olds
Dates: Meets Tuesdays, March 5th - April 30th (skips Spring Break)
Session Length: 8 weeks
Time:  3:30pm-4:15pm
Price: $120
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The Wonderful World of Dr. Seuss

Oh, the thinks you can think! In this class, students will jump into the whimsical world of Dr. Seuss to empower their own creativity and imagination! Using stories and characters created by Dr. Seuss, students will work with our theatre instructors to learn foundational performing skills and confidence. They will learn to work together, follow directions and creatively express themselves all in a safe and fun environment! Students will work with peers and instructors to imagine, rehearse and perform their very own original piece inspired by Dr. Seuss to show friends and family at the end of session showcase.

Age: 5-8 year olds
Dates: Meets Tuesdays, March 5th - April 30th (skips Spring Break)
Session Length: 8 weeks
Time:  4:30pm-5:30pm
Price: $160
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Acting Class: Scenes from "The Day the Internet Died"

Dive into the world of scripted performance! Students will spend 8 weeks learning theatre basics, techniques and expectations of stage actors, character development, physicality, emotionality, and stage movement. While working on these skills, they will put together a final showcase of scenes from the hilarious one act play, “The Day the Internet Died.” This class is a great stepping stone for any student that might be interested in doing our Young Company or taking the next step in their theatrical journey!

Age: 8-11 year olds
Dates: Meets Thursdays, March 7th - May 2nd (skips Spring Break)
Session Length: 8 weeks
Time:  4:30pm-5:45pm
Price: $200
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Friday Night Comedy Club

New and seasoned performers are invited to join our revamped Youth Comedy Troupe! Led by expert instructors, students will dive into this comedic theatre style which is all about quick thinking, teamwork and creating scenes and characters in seconds. The semester will focus on Improv, which is a style of acting where nothing is planned and everything is made up on the spot, as well as Sketch Comedy! When learning about Sketch Comedy, students will use their improv skills and put pen to paper to create original sketches! Dinner is included each week and is always a great time for students to connect before diving into class. The class will culminate with a hilarious night of comedy, combining Improv and Sketch, on April 26th at 7:00pm.

Age: 11-16 year olds
Dates: Meets Fridays, February 2nd - April 26th (skips Spring Break)
Session Length: 12 weeks
Time:  6:00pm-8:00pm
Price: $420
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