Group Bookings & Field Trips

With professional productions available throughout the school year, as well as affordable pricing, Oklahoma Children’s Theatre is the perfect field trip for your school or group.


With child-friendly productions, an accessible central location, as well as understandable and fair group reservation policies, we make visiting fun and easy. Explore our Upcoming Productions or keep reading below to learn more about our Group Bookings.

Quick Facts!
Group sales are available for all of our shows, subject to seating availability.
Groups of 20+ receive an automatic discount, with a larger discount available for groups 75+.
Groups receive 1x Adult comp ticket for every 20x Child Group Tickets purchased.
Group tickets can be made online, or by calling our Box Office. Please note, online reservations require immediate payment.
For more information about our Group Booking policies, please call our Box Office, at (405) 208-6203, Tues-Fri, 1:00pm-5:00pm, or Click Here to reserve your places now.


What are group bookings?

Group bookings refer to any reservation made, which has more than 20 children or student tickets reserved. We welcome all groups to enjoy our performances, including schools, church groups, youth organizations, day-cares, and other organizations. We recognize the complexities that bringing a group on a field trip has, and offer group-friendly policies for these bookings. Please note the following policies only refer to group bookings, and do not refer to smaller, individual reservations.

How can I reserve tickets for my group?

Reservations can be made online through our website, or by calling our Box Office on (405) 951-0011. Reservations that will be paid through a purchase order must be made by calling our Box Office, and cannot be completed online.

What is the online ticket fee?

All online orders are charged a $1.50 online order fee, regardless of the number of tickets in the order. This fee covers the cost of providing the online service. There is no fee for phone reservations.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash, credit card (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover), checks (made out to Oklahoma Children's Theatre), and purchase orders.

When is payment due? Can I pay when we get there?

All payments and group numbers need to be finalized and paid in full at least 14 days before the performance date. Bookings that are not paid by this time are subject to cancellation without notice.

Do you accept purchase orders?

We are happy to accept purchase orders. Approved purchase orders may be faxed or mailed and can be used to hold tickets.

How do comp tickets work?

Everybody seeing the performance requires a ticket- this includes students, teachers, and chaperones. Complimentary tickets are provided to groups at a rate of 1 complimentary ticket per 20 paid child/ student tickets. Complimentary tickets may be used for any adult member of the group, including teachers and chaperones.

How do parents and chaperones purchase tickets?

Parents and other chaperones can purchase tickets individually, either online, or by calling our box office.

Please note, we are unable to hold tickets for parents to purchase them separately, and once a show is sold out we are unable to sell tickets. If parents and chaperones are buying tickets separately we recommend they do so early.​ While all effort is made, we are unable to guarantee that your group will be seated together. If sitting as a group is important, we recommend arriving early.

Will tickets be available at the door?

We are unable to guarantee that tickets will be available for any performance. When tickets are available door purchases will be possible. Once a show is sold out we are unable to sell any further tickets. We recommend all ticket purchases be made in advance, either online, or by calling our box office on (405) 951-0011.

Where are you located?

We are located on the campus of Oklahoma City University, and all of our shows take place in either the Children’s Center for the Arts Theatre (located on the corner of 25th and Blackwelder), or in the Burg Theatre (located just across the road in University School of Theatre building). You can view a location map here. We can also be found on Google and Apple Maps by searching for “Oklahoma Children’s Theatre”.

Where can we park?

Ample parking for private vehicles are available directly outside our building or within a very short walking distance. Buses may drop the groups off at the theatre, and can be parked in any of the nearby streets.

Which theatre is my show in?

Each production’s venue is listed on our Upcoming Season page, and will either be the Children’s Center for the Arts Theatre, or the Burg Theatre.

How big is your theatre?

The number of seats in our theatre changes depending on venue and the staging requirements of the production. Generally speaking, the Burg theatre holds around 220, and our main theatre The Children’s Center for the Arts holds about 150.

What are the policies inside the theatre?

We believe the theatre is a special place, one that provides an exciting and intimate experience for audiences. You can help us create magical memories for our young audiences, as well as helping us ensure the comfort and safety of all patrons and actors, by following a few simple rules.

  • Photography and video recording is never permitted inside of a theatre. All of our productions are covered by strict copyright rules, and any recording of the show is strictly prohibited. Further, flash photography is not only distracting to guests and actors alike, but presents a safety issue for our performers.
  • Food and drinks are not permitted in the theatre.
  • Cell phones are not permitted to be used. Aside from being rude, the glow of screens is distracting for guests and performers. Please help us keep our show engaging by turning phones off, or on silent, and keeping them put away during performances.
  • The stage is an exciting and colorful place- but it’s also off limits. Theatre sets aren’t always what they look like, and many of the pieces you see are not designed to be touched or played with. For your safety, and the safety of our sets, please stay off the stage.
When does the lobby open?

The box office opens 30 minutes prior to the show start time. We recommend larger groups arrive more than 20 minutes early to give plenty of time for ticket pickup, and to get settled in the theatre (as well as drink and restroom breaks!)

Where can I pick up my tickets?

Tickets are not mailed or available for advanced pickup. All tickets must be picked up at the box office in the lobby, beginning 30 minutes prior to the performance.

Is there assigned seating, or general admission?

Oklahoma Children’s Theatre provides general admission for all of our performances, regardless of venue. This means that there are no assigned seats, and seating is on a first come-first served basis. If sitting together is important for you group, please ensure you arrive early. Groups that arrive with little time to spare are almost always separated.

Will my group be seated together?

All of our seating is general admission, which means seats are taken on a first come-first serve basis. While all effort is made, we are unable to guarantee that your group will be seated together. If sitting as a group is important, we recommend arriving early.

What age groups is this show for?

While most of our shows are child and family friendly, different shows are better suited towards different age groups. You can find recommended ages by viewing the production details on our Upcoming Season page, or if you would like further guidance please call our Box Office on (405) 951-0011, and we will be happy to help find the most suitable option for your group.

When should we arrive for our scheduled performance?

Our theatre open 30 minutes prior to show time, and we ask that groups arrive with ample time to enter the theatre and find tickets. Larger groups should aim to arrive at least 20 minutes in advance, to allow time for getting off the bus and getting seated in the theatre. We are unable to delay the start of shows for groups that arrive late.

Where can we take photographs?

You are welcome to take photographs within our facilities before and after the performance. Any photography or video recording during the performance is strictly prohibited. Audience members are not permitted on the stage for any reason.

Can we meet the actors?

Occasionally actors are available to talk to groups after the performance, however this must be organized in advance. To see if this is possible please talk to our Box Office staff on (405) 951-0011.

Can we change the number of people attending our field trip?

We are happy to amend group bookings if the performance is more than 14 days in advance. Tickets may be added to the order depending on availability, and may be removed from the reservation if necessary. Please note different group sizes are charged different prices, and reductions in group sizes may affect ticket prices.

Reservations may not be changed within 14 days of the show. If additional tickets are required, they must be purchased separately, either online, or by calling our box office on (405) 951-0011. Individual ticket purchases will not be eligible for the group rate.

What if students are absent or sick on the day of the field trip?

Once your booking is made for a certain number of seats, those seats are reserved for your group and cannot be sold to anyone else. Changes to group bookings can be made more than 14 days before the performance date, however reservations cannot be adjusted after this time.

Can I get a refund or exchange my tickets?

We are unable to refund bookings within 14 days of the performance. Exchanges are generally not permitted, although occasional exceptions may be made. For information please call the box office on (405) 951-0011.

What happens if the weather is bad?

Safety of our patrons is upmost concern. In the event of severe weather, performances may be cancelled. Our box office staff will contact you by phone and email if a performance is cancelled. Further, cancellation notices will also be posted on our Facebook page. If a performance is cancelled our staff will work with you to find alternative arrangements.

Please note, performances are only cancelled where weather services predict severe weather during the performance. We do not refund or exchange tickets for performances that are not cancelled.

Is there anywhere to eat lunch?

There are no indoor facilities available for group use, however there is an outdoor grass area right across the street.

Do you offer scholarships or financial aid for low income schools?

Oklahoma Children’s Theatre is committed to providing accessible theatre and arts opportunities for all Oklahoman children. Our affordable ticket prices, including discounted group ticket rates and flexible reservation policies, help us ensure that we are accessible to all members of our community.

Occasionally select opportunities, made possible through the support of generous partner organizations and individual donors, are available for groups that can demonstrate need. If you are interested in applying, please contact our Box Office on (405) 951-0011 for an application form or more information.

I have other questions, who can I talk to?

Our Box Office is the place to call for all ticketing, performance, and reservation questions. It is open Tuesday-Friday, 1:00pm - 5:00pm, and the phone number is (405) 951-0011.